This page will host accessibility reviews for videogames. If you would like a particular game reviewed for accessibility, please contact the reviewer, Adam Kosakowski, at Adam.Kosakowski@OakHillCT.org.

About the Reviewer

About Adam Kosakowski: Adam is one of NEAT’s Assistive Technology Specialists. He has a few specialties in the realm of accessibility, and video games is his absolute favorite. A self-proclaimed super-geek, he has been playing videogames since the age of 5. Using that knowledge combined with his background as a RESNA certified Assistive Technology Professional, Adam has even presented gaming accessibility at several conferences. All of this combined, he has a wealth of knowledge about accessibility and gaming, and the drive to help everyone play regardless of their disability.

Accessibility Reviews

Trials of Mana title with the six playable characters jumping out

Trials of Mana, The Remake