Hear What People Have To Say About NEAT!


Our Services:

  • “Thank you again for coming to my office to help get me oriented with the Fusion and Jaws software. My visual difficulties make it really hard for me to use the mouse so the new keyboard strokes you taught me are making everything so much easier on the computer. Also the new color contrast settings and simplification of the screen field make it easier for me to focus and work for longer periods of time. Getting the headset volume adjusted has made it possible for me to work without bothering the secretaries. So, all in all, I’d say we had a very productive working session.”
  • “Working with Elena was great. She responded promptly to emails and was very receptive to questions throughout the whole process. She was willing to hear the team and provided thorough explanations of each step, tool, etc. We are absolutely satisfied with the recommendations in the evaluation report, it is very comprehensive.”
  • “On behalf of the Wayman and Sibille advisory we would like to thank you. We were amazed by all the devices you have to help people. We are so grateful for everything you do for the community! We all learned so much and plan on telling your mission/story to other people we know. Thank you, we had a great time.”


Our Lending Library:

  • “NEAT is such a great resource for this population. It provides us the opportunity to trial different equipment and devices for families who would not otherwise have access to it. It is also wonderful because children at this age outgrow things so quickly- re-using equipment is much more cost-effective. I worked with a child who was showing signs of childhood apraxia of speech, and using verbal speech was very frustrating for him. We determined he was ready to try AAC with Proloquo2Go on an iPad, and his parents wanted to purchase it. However, after realizing the app alone was over $200, they were excited to hear that NEAT could offer this. It was so rewarding to see their faces light up the first few times their son used the app to request something he wanted to eat on his own. It gave him much more independence, and his family was thrilled that he was able to express himself more on his own.”
  • “I can’t say enough how appreciative I am. NEAT has been beyond helpful, patient, and so pleasant to work with. The Team was able to determine the app that would best meet the student’s needs and he had sufficient time to work with the trial device. Many thanks!”
  • “The experience was beneficial for the both the student and I. The student got to practice using the downloaded apps under my observation/supervision. We both got to dive a little deeper into our understanding and knowledge of the apps.  The student found Inspiration Maps to be particularly helpful for planning a narrative essay. I have had a positive experience with NEAT in general this year, between professional development, consults, and the loaner iPads – Thank you!”


Our Webinars:

  • “I was finally able to view Using Google Keep For Transition and Life Skills and am so thankful not only that you put this together at my request, but that it was available to view after Memorial Day! I have also downloaded the handout.  The presentation was filled with such useful information, not just about Google Keep, but also about accommodations for transitioning students. You obviously have had a lot of experience in both of these areas! Best wishes to you and please keep these very helpful tech presentations coming!”
  • “I just wanted to let you know that I have attended 3 webinars so far and I am really enjoying them. The information provided in the webinars has been very helpful and I also have let coworkers and clients know about the various sessions that you have been providing free of charge. I just wanted to thank you and the presenters for taking the time and also allowing us free access while we are all stuck at home. I hope to use this info in the future with clients once we are all able to get out and work with people. Much appreciated!!”
  • “I just wanted to let you know I attended all of the Smart Technology webinars and found them to be very informative. A lot of useful information that will take me some time to digest! I work with people with differing abilities and also have aging parents (90 & 91) still living at home. I really don’t know much about the smart tech available so this has really been an eye opener. Thank you for the time you took preparing and conducting the webinars for us.”