We Help Individuals Compensate for Any Difficulties They Have, Including:

Learning (Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia, etc.)
Vision & Hearing
Attention & Executive Functioning
Unique & Complex Needs

 The NEAT team offers a variety of Assistive Technology (AT) services for all ages and abilities. AT Specialists conduct services in specialty areas but will collaborate when the needs of individuals require it. Services are conducted in-person, virtually, or through a hybrid delivery approach.





Assistive Technology consultation

Collaborative, semi-formal meetings between AT specialists, support staff/educators, families, and/or individuals with disabilities. Consultations are designed to guide the team through a series of demonstrations and trials of AT tools that could help the individual gain or increase independence. These meetings will result in a set of suggested tools and/or strategies.


  • Can be for an individual or a team of professionals
  • Identify how to effectively use available technologies
  • Technical support and troubleshooting for current technology
  • Ongoing consultations can maximize AT capacity and confidence

A written summary is not included but can be requested for an additional fee.

Note: Consultations are typically conducted in-person, but virtual consultations can be effective for certain individuals. Please contact us for options.


NEAT team member providing training during a seminarCustomized support in learning how to use specific assistive technology tools that address the needs of individuals with disabilities. AT training is reserved for individuals and their support team (up to 3 people).

This can be an effective follow-up to suggestions made during a consultation or recommendations made during an evaluation.

Note: Coaching/training is typically conducted in-person, but virtual coaching/training can be effective for certain individuals. Please contact us for options.



NEAT team member providing kickstart services

A structured fusion of consultation and coaching/training services.  An AT Kickstart provides an individual and the support team with direct guidance during the beginning stages of assistive technology implementation.

Typically, the AT Kickstart service includes 2 hours of consultation, a written summary of suggested tools, and 2 hours of follow-up coaching/training.

Note: AT Kickstart meetings are typically conducted in-person, but virtual meetings can be effective for certain individuals. Please contact us for options.


Member of the NEAT team providing an evaluation with student A formal, multi-step process that is led by an AT specialist and results in a set of technology recommendations and/or strategies that will meet the needs of an individual with disabilities.




  • Completely individualized
  • Includes a review of records, individual history, learning modalities, personal preferences, and a pattern of strengths and concerns
  • Includes a team meeting to help identify AT needs
  • Includes environmental observations and AT trials
  • Provides comprehensive recommendations on appropriate technology supports for targeted skill sets
  • Provides implementation strategies for meaningful access and participation

A comprehensive written report with recommendations is included.