Join us on September 18, 2019, during the Commissioner's 2018-19 Back to School Meeting hosted by The Department of Education.  We will be discussing the impactful use of AT to improve outcomes for students with disabilities and explain the facets (with time set aside for questions/answers) of the no cost comprehensive subscription service, which includes: one standard AT Evaluation, two hours of AT consultation, AT capacity building/professional development, and all NEAT Membership benefits (including their AT lending library).  While our breakout session will be designed for all LEAs there will be an emphasis on Cohort C members, especially on what they can expect this school year.

Subscription Info

For the 2019-20 school year, The Bureau of Special Education (SDE) has provided LEAs identified in Cohort C with a one-year subscription to New England Assistive Technology (NEAT). The NEAT Center at Oak Hill provides assistive technology resources, services and adaptive equipment to individuals of all ages and abilities.

At no cost to each LEA in Cohort C, a comprehensive subscription is now available. A comprehensive description of this exciting subscription may be found on the NEAT website: https://assistivetechnology.oakhillct.org/. Here is an overview of what’s available to LEAs in Cohort C for the 2019 – 2020 school year:

LEAs in Cohort C can request one standard, comprehensive AT evaluation from the NEAT Center. This is a formal, multi-step process that is led by an AT specialist and results in a set of technology recommendations and/or strategies that are thought to meet the needs of a student with disabilities. Evaluations are completely individualized; includes a review of records, individual history, learning modalities, personal preferences, and a pattern of strengths and concerns; utilizes a team approach; includes environmental observations and trials with various technology supports; provide comprehensive, recommendations on appropriate technology supports for targeted skill sets, as well as, implementation strategies for meaningful access and participation. A formal, written report is included, and the NEAT AT Specialist can be available, by phone or video conference, to report the evaluation findings at a team meeting or PPT.

LEAs in Cohort C can request one 2-hour AT consultation from the NEAT Center. This is a semi-formal meeting between AT specialists, educators, families, and/or individuals with disabilities and result in a set of suggested tools and/or strategies. It can also be used to learn more about how to effectively use available technologies or as technical support and troubleshooting for current technology. A written summary is not included but can be requested for an additional fee.

NEAT believes the most sustainable quality assurance plan is one that grows organically within each district. To support this growth NEAT is excited to help LEAs in Cohort C build capacity within their own teams by offering six (6) regionally located professional development (PD) events throughout CT. These PD opportunities will be geared specifically towards the needs of school-based teams regarding fidelity in AT supports and will provide new information about best practice for these services.

LEAs in Cohort C will automatically receive a NEAT membership as part of their subscription. As a NEAT member, you are eligible for the following assistive technology supports:

  • Professional Development: NEAT’s Member ATventures provides 9+ hours of professional development delivered annually on the hottest trends and latest tools in early education, education, AAC, AT, technology and smart home solutions. These 1-hour sessions are conducted through webinar and in-person networking events.
  • Exclusive Online Resources: A bank of AT and AAC resources, flyers and short, training videos are provided to NEAT members with a private link. Our training videos can help you learn and develop your AT skills in short, personalized increments. These are a great way to learn more about AT recommendations provided in an AT evaluation or simply catch up on AT tools that your students are currently using.
  • Discount on Services: As a NEAT member, you are eligible for discounts on services including but not limited to AT evaluations and training. Please visit our website for our menu of services, prices, and member discount rate information.
  • Lending Library: The NEAT Lending Library provides short-term loans of assistive technology devices. Devices include (but are not limited to) laptops with specialized software; iPads with learning, productivity and communication apps; low vision magnifiers; adapted board games and toys; mid-tech communication devices as well as eye gaze; capability switches and access assessment toolkits; and so much more!

A few recent additions to the library include:

n-Abler Pro Joystick

n-Abler Pro Joystick

Xbox Adaptive Controller

Xbox Adaptive Controller

iPad Pro and Apple Pencil (gen 2)

iPad Pro and Apple Pencil

Let's Connect!

The NEAT Center is ready to work with each LEA in Cohort C so please reach out now.

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Director of Assistive Technology Services

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