For the 2020-21 school year, The Bureau of Special Education has provided school districts across CT with access to The NEAT Center in a variety of ways.  School districts within CT have been divided into cohorts.  Each of the cohorts have access to unique AT services either through a comprehensive Subscription or engaging Membership, at no cost.  Cohort A and C have been provided a Subscription which allows for additional AT services to the Membership.  Cohort B has been provided a NEAT Membership this school year will be introduced to their Subscription in the year 2021-22.

To find out which cohort your district is in and what benefits your benefits are, click here for a list of our members.

Benefits to this Subscription


Our Membership is specifically designed to serve people of all ages and abilities, all over the world. It includes access to our Hotline, Webinars, exclusive Training Materials, and our extensive Lending Library. Check out all the exciting member details here.

Assistive Technology Services

You will be provided several hours to use towards AT services for students and teachers in your district. Through this subscription your district is eligible to receive the following:

  • Tele-AT Services are conducted through remote (virtual) meetings between NEAT AT specialists, educators, families, and students with disabilities. As a result, you will be provided demonstrations and trials of AT as well as a set of suggested tools and/or strategies. This can be done for consultation, training and customized professional development.
  • In-person Assistive Technology Services may be available in some limited situations where a student or team require that delivery approach. We will work with the team to assess their need and make suggestions on which service is best. We will also rely on current recommendations of the CDC, Oak Hill policies, and the school districts.

Specialized Professional Development around AT

  • Contact us to schedule PD around your own district or team needs!
  • Additionally, view this pre-recorded webinar, “Packing a Punch with AT: Getting the most out of your AT resources and supports!” It will provide you with an in-depth look at your subscription benefits, while also building your AT capacity and reviewing important resources for your team/district. Watch the webinar here!



If you have questions about The Bureau of Special Education (SDE) subscription, please see our SDE Subscription FAQ.

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