The NEAT Accessibility Team, lead by Steve Famiglietti and Adam Kosakowski, can be hired to do consultations, evaluations, and trainings to help people learn what their digital accessibility needs are and how to address these needs. Digital accessibility is an umbrella term and is also known as Information and Communication Technology (ICT) accessibility and Section 508 compliance.

Some examples of digital accessibility that NEAT can help with include digital documents, created with Word, Adobe, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. Other content includes websites and any client or employee facing software that an organization uses and is looking to make more accessible as parts of their services. These services support organizations looking to increase the reach of their business by making their content more accessible, empowering people with disabilities with the ability to access their services, as well as making content more useable to those without disabilities. We can help our clients move toward making their electronic and information technology accessible under Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The NEAT Accessibility Team can be hired to assess the accessibility of digital content through a consultation. This service can be delivered in person or remotely. During a consultation, the NEAT Accessibility team will use a variety of tools to measure the accessibility of an organization’s digital content. A consultation is necessary for an organization who already understands the need for accessibility and feels they have the resources and staff needed to carry it out; but feel they need professional guidance on what their digital accessibility needs are and steps needed to make their content accessible

The NEAT Accessibility Team will share a large amount of helpful information during a consultation. To help an organization digest this information, a consultation can include an optional written report for an additional fee. This written report will summarize the overall accessibility needs of an organization and recommendations for next steps.

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The NEAT Accessibility Team can be hired to evaluate an organization’s digital accessibility needs. This service goes above and beyond a consultation. This service can be delivered in person or remotely. For an evaluation, the NEAT Accessibility Team can use several assistive technology programs as needed to demonstrate to clients the current state of their content’s accessibility, and have an in-depth discussion on what can be improved and how to make such improvements. An evaluation is a great choice for an organization who needs to learn about digital accessibility, as well as, learn how to improve the accessibility of their digital content in comprehensive detail.

While a consult can include a written report, that report is a short summary. An evaluation service’s fee includes the delivery of a very detailed and comprehensive report regarding the exact areas in need of improvements, specific steps and examples on how to address them, and recommendations for tools and training to help the organization to take their next steps toward improved digital accessibility.

Please contact The NEAT Accessibility Team at 860 286-3167 for a quote.

Training from The NEAT Accessibility Team can be a great follow up to an evaluation or consultation. The NEAT Accessibility Team can offer two types of training:

  1. The NEAT Accessibility Team can teach clients how to check accessibility of their content more independently using tools like JAWS Inspect, WAVE, and the built-in accessibility checkers included on many pieces of software. This will be helpful for staff members at companies looking to communicate with their IT department and their fellow staff members on what needs to be made accessible independently. This would also be helpful for IT professionals.
  2. The NEAT Accessibility Team can also provide training to clients on how to make their content accessible. We can train them how to fix problem areas and how to create new content that will be easily accessible to individuals using screen readers and people with other disabilities impacting their access. This can include PDF remediation training, training on making forms accessible, and much more. This type of training would be particularly useful for content creators in companies, including IT professionals.

Contact the NEAT Accessibility Team at 860 286-3167 for a quote.