student using accessible tabletThe NEAT Center at Oak Hill can support your digital accessibility needs. Our goal is to guide you through the process of making important changes to your documents and websites to give better access to people with disabilities. This guidance includes accessibility for screen readers, alternative access, colorblindness, and more.



NEAT can provide training on the creation of accessible digital tools including the following:

  • The Microsoft Office Suite, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.
  • PDFs
  • Websites
  • Client or employee facing software and apps

Digital accessibility is an umbrella term and is also known as Information and Communication Technology (ICT) accessibility and Section 508 compliance. Our services support organizations looking to increase the reach of their business by making their content more accessible, empowering people with disabilities with the ability to access their services, as well as making content more usable to those without disabilities.

Let us help you make your electronic and information technology accessible under Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act. For more information about these services, please contact us at

Collaborative meetings between AT specialists from our team, and members of yours including IT, marketing, staff in charge of creating content, etc. Consultations are designed to assess digital content for accessibility through accessibility scans and user tests while focusing on the broadest usability possible. These meetings will result in a set of recommendations that can help your organization approach accessibility compliance.


  • Knowledge of current level of accessibility of digital content.
  • Recommended changes will increase marketability of content and broad usability.
  • If recommended changes require training, NEAT can provide that as well!

A consultation can be conducted in real-time or non-real time, depending on the client’s needs.

Real-time consultation:

Real-time consultations can be conducted via in-person or virtual meetings and could be a great fit for an organization where the digital content is best demonstrated live or if the organization wants to learn firsthand about digital accessibility during the service.

A written report of the accessibility issues and recommendations is not included but can be requested for an additional fee.

Non-real time consultation:

Non-real time consultations are not conducted live, and can be conducted via email communications back and forth, for example. This could be a great fit for an organization that wants their website or app checked for accessibility just by sending our team the URL/file(s) or otherwise giving us access to the digital content. After the scanning and checking is complete, our team will respond back with the pertinent information and recommendations requested.

The information and recommendations our team offers throughout a non-real time consultation will be broad and general. A written report of the accessibility issues and specific recommendations can be requested for an additional fee.

Contact the NEAT Accessibility Team at or 860 286-3167 for a quote.

Training from The NEAT Accessibility Team can be a great follow up to a consultation. The NEAT Accessibility Team can offer two types of training:

  1. The NEAT Accessibility Team can teach clients how to check accessibility of their content more independently using tools like JAWS Inspect, WAVE, and the built-in accessibility checkers included on many pieces of software. This will be helpful for staff members at companies looking to communicate with their IT department and their fellow staff members on what needs to be made accessible independently. This would also be beneficial for IT themselves.
  2. The NEAT Accessibility Team can also provide training to clients on how to make their content accessible. We can train them how to fix problem areas and how to create new content that will be easily accessible to individuals using screen readers and people with other disabilities impacting their access. This can include PDF remediation training, training on making forms accessible, and much more. This type of training would be particularly useful for content creators in companies, including IT professionals.

Contact the NEAT Accessibility Team at or 860 286-3167 for a quote.