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What is Gaming Accessibility? "Gaming" is a word used to describe all things involved with video games, and gaming accessibility is the process of making the playing of a video game accessible to people who play them (gamers) with disabilities. Through the services discussed below, NEAT helps gamers with disabilities get back into the game.

To achieve gaming accessibility, a gamer might just need to choose a specific option available within the game's options, or maybe they need a specific controller, or some combination of the two. This is just the beginning, the needs of gamers with disabilities are just as diverse and unique as the gamers themselves. NEAT can help gamers with disabilities and their families discover the best way for them to play.

Gaming Accessibility services are led by Adam Kosakowski. Through these services, Adam leads NEAT in working with any gamer looking to get back in the game despite any disability. Additionally, NEAT can support game developers looking to make their games more accessible.

If you are interested in these services, please contact Adam Kosakowski, Assistive Technology Specialist at 860-286-3167 or email

For more information on adaptive gaming, click here to listen as Adam breaks it down with iHeart Radio!

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