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As our world continues to grow virtually and the opportunities to learn, connect and play in the virtual world seem limitless, individuals with disabilities continue to face barriers of entry due to inaccessible technologies. Oak Hill works to eliminate those barriers and create equality in gaming for people with disabilities.

Given the vast number of gamers with disabilities across the nation, Oak Hill provides a unique service to the gamers throughout Connecticut. Our adaptive gaming services include adaptive gaming consultations, adaptive technology lending library and a mobile gaming center where players can gather to try out adaptive gaming equipment, experience gaming with peers and non-disabled gamers can learn about the importance of adaptive gaming equipment. Oak Hill has been providing these adaptive gaming services since 2019.

What is Gaming Accessibility? "Gaming" is a word used to describe all things involved with video games, and gaming accessibility is the process of making the playing of a video game accessible to people who play them (gamers) with disabilities. Through the services discussed above, NEAT professionals can help gamers with disabilities get back into the game.

To achieve gaming accessibility, a gamer might just need to choose a specific option available within the game's options, or maybe they need a specific controller, or some combination of the two. This is just the beginning, the needs of gamers with disabilities are just as diverse and unique as the gamers themselves. NEAT can help gamers with disabilities and their families discover the best way for them to play.

If you are interested in these services, please contact Kristen Gilfeather, Assistive Technology Specialist at

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