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The NEAT team helps people learn more about the benefits of assistive technology (AT). Our excitement soars at the opportunity to demonstrate the powerful impact AT can have on the lives of individuals with different and unique abilities.

Our AT presentations, demonstrations and webinars are innovative and educational in nature.  We strive to provide material in an accessible and relatable manner.


Packing A Punch With AT: Getting The Most Out Of Your AT Resources And Supports!

Hosted by: Nicole Feeney, Director of NEAT

Dates & Time: 10am - 12pm, choose from September 23rd, October 2nd or October 15th

Description: This is a free, 2-hour webinar available to professionals who work in the Connecticut school districts of Cohorts A & C (if you are unsure of the cohort your school district belongs to, please email This webinar will get you started with your SDE-sponsored subscription with NEAT, build your capacity and review important resources for your team and district.

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October 2020 Blindness Awareness Series

To bring attention to Blindness Awareness month, we are going to have 4 short informational webinars hosted by Steve Famiglietti, NEAT's Blind Services Vocational Manager, at 10am every Wednesday during October. Like all of our webinars, these will be free to NEAT members. For non-members, all 4 webinars together as a package will be $25. Please see the classes and registration below!

October 7 - The Facts About Braille
Come learn a few interesting facts about Braille, the invention of Braille and see a few pieces of technology that allow individuals the ability to read and write in Braille.

October 14 - The White Cane And The Guide Dog
Come see how the white cane is used and how a guide dog can help a person with visual impairments.

October 21 - What Is A Screen Reader And Who Can Use One?
Come experience screen readers and hear how they read. Learn how a person interacts with a screen reader to accomplish tasks without using a computer mouse.

October 28 - My Favorite Tech Jewels!
I will give some demonstrations of my favorite pieces of technology that I use in my daily life. You will see a short video and hear my story behind each piece of technology.

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What's New In iOS 14

Hosted by: Steve Famiglietti, Blind Services Vocational Manager

Date & Time: 12pm - 1pm; October 13, 2020

Price: Free For NEAT members, $25 For General Public

Description: Please come join us for some demonstrations of the highlights of iOs 14 and learn some of the new features available for those people with low vision and blindness. 

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Gaming Accessibility: Learning The Basics, How To Go Further And How To  Advocate

Hosted by: Adam Kosakowski, AT Specialist

Date & Time: 10am - 11am; October 16, 2020

Price: Free For NEAT members, $25 For General Public

Description: Are you game developer new to gaming accessibility? Are you a parent of a gamer with disabilities and want to learn what makes a game accessible? Are you a gamer who wants to learn what some games are doing to increase accessibility? This webinar will teach the three foundational accessibility pieces each game should feature. After building that foundation, we’ll explore how games can go further to make their game as accessible as possible. Then, we’ll discuss advocacy and how this knowledge can be used to promote gaming accessibility for all.

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Gaming With Motor Disabilities: How Accessibility Adds Inclusive And Therapeutic Values

Hosted by: Special Guest Antonio Martinez

Date & Time: 10am - 11am; October 23, 2020

Price: Free For NEAT members, $25 For General Public

Host Bio: Based in Spain, Antonio Martinez is a disabled gamer with Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type-3. Games always were a big part of his life since he was a kid. Growing up he studied computer programming and English at the local university. It is as an accessibility advocate in gaming that he feels he can help others to enjoy life a bit more. He founded his own review site and works with a team of collaborators from other aspects of disability to spread awareness.

Description: Many people with motor disabilities find gaming is not accessible for them. Despite the barriers, there are ways for people to take part in this activity that transcends pure entertainment. This talk will explore the benefits for body and mind, the socialization and inclusion opportunities, and explain how game mechanics and assistive tools can support people to achieve this goal.

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Overview And Implementation Of NeuroNode Trilogy System

Hosted by: Special Guest Christie Rowzee, Control Bionics

Date & Time: 12pm - 1pm; November 4, 2020

Price: Free For NEAT members, $25 For General Public

Description: At the heart of Control Bionics is its NeuroNode Product Line, the world's leading wearable s-EMG/Spatial sensor. In this presentation, we will learn basic principles of the NeuroNode product line and discuss its use and target population. Features of the multi-modal access system will be demonstrated with discussions on use for communication and in activities of daily living. Two modes for activation, EMG and Spatial, will be demonstrated within our controller application in live time.

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What's New In JAWS For Windows Screen Reader 2021

Hosted by: Steve Famiglietti, Blind Services Vocational Manager

Date & Time: 12pm - 1pm; November 5, 2020

Price: Free For NEAT members, $25 For General Public

Description: Please come join us for some demonstrations of the newest features found in JAWS for Windows screen reader, version 2021. 

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Dictation 101

Hosted by: Adam Kosakowski, AT Specialist

Date & Time: 10am - 11am; November 11, 2020

Price: Free For NEAT members, $25 For General Public

Description: Learn some awesome free dictation options available to you right now! This webinar will cover some of the ins and outs to make you a quick dictation pro and enable you to teach your students how to become pros themselves.

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Apple Pencil And iPad: Better Together

Hosted by: Jamie Martin, AT Specialist

Date & Time: 12pm - 1pm; November 20, 2020

Price: Free For NEAT members, $25 For General Public

Description: Steve Jobs once said, “Who wants a stylus? You have to get 'em and put 'em away and you lose 'em. Yuck.” He was clearly not a fan in the early days of Apple’s touchscreen devices. But if he had been able to see the development of the Apple Pencil, he may have thought differently. The Apple Pencil is an advanced stylus designed to work with the latest iterations of the iPad. It provides fine-point precision when drawing or writing by hand on the screen, and it can be a useful access method for a variety of users. This webinar will focus on a number of uses for the Apple Pencil, including inputting text with the new Scribble feature of iPadOS 14, as well as using it with a handful of AT-related apps such as Notability, MyScript Calculator, and Handwriting Keyboard.

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