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The NEAT team helps people learn more about the benefits of assistive technology (AT). Our excitement soars at the opportunity to demonstrate the powerful impact AT can have on the lives of individuals with different and unique abilities.

Our AT presentations, demonstrations and webinars are innovative and educational in nature.  We strive to provide material in an accessible and relatable manner.


Alternative Typing Options In Windows 10

Hosted by: Adam Kosakowski, AT Specialist

Date & Time: 10am - 11am; December 3, 2020

Price: Free For NEAT members, $25 For General Public

Description: Did you know? Windows 10 has swipe typing, on screen keyboards, AND word prediction! This webinar will teach you the basics and how to make great use of each. Come learn about these great free options that could be great for your students today!

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What Web Browser Should I Use?

Hosted by: Steve Famiglietti, Blind Services Vocational Manager

Date & Time: 12pm - 1pm; December 8, 2020

Price: Free For NEAT members, $25 For General Public

Description: Please come join us for a discussion about new and old web browsers for Windows.  Which web browsers should you use?  Which ones should you stop using?  Learn a few tricks to make the web browsers easier to use!

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Connected And Hands-Free: How Smart Home Technology Provides Touch-Free Control

Hosted by: Kristopher Thompson, Smart Technology Specialist

Date & Time: 2pm - 3pm; December 10, 2020

Price: Free For NEAT members, $25 For General Public

Description: The COVID-19 pandemic is redefining how we think about our home space. Voice controlled technology and automation are becoming more important than ever by giving people the option to avoid commonly touched surfaces. Voice-activated systems such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant have already experienced strong growth in recent years. Experts say the pandemic could drive even more growth as many people seek technology to replace physical touch. Join Smart Technology Specialist, Kris Thompson as he explores hands-free ways to stay connected with loved ones, control televisions, lighting, doors, thermostats and more!

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Tele-Engagement For Effective Clinical Intervention

Hosted by: Special Guests Hillary Jellison & Nerissa Hall, Representatives Of Commuincare

Date & Time: 12pm - 1pm; December 15, 2020

Price: Free For NEAT members, $25 For General Public

Description: Tele-AAC is a viable service delivery method for individuals using AAC. While a lot of what is done in on-site environments can be replicated in a virtual setting, there are certain elements of the clinical process that are different in the different settings. More specifically, the ways in which clinicians need to share and manipulate content and information, gain and maintain an individual’s attention, and support shared engagement vary in virtual synchronous and asynchronous sessions. This webinar reviews ways to support tele-engagement for effective AAC intervention.

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Gaming With Motor Disabilities: How Accessibility Adds Inclusive And Therapeutic Values

Hosted by: Special Guest Antonio Martinez

Date & Time: 10 - 11 AM Eastern; December 16, 2020

Price: Free For NEAT members, $25 For General Public

Host Bio: Based in Spain, Antonio Martinez is a disabled gamer with Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type-3. Games always were a big part of his life since he was a kid. Growing up he studied computer programming and English at the local university. It is as an accessibility advocate in gaming that he feels he can help others to enjoy life a bit more. He founded his own review site and works with a team of collaborators from other aspects of disability to spread awareness.

Description: Many people with motor disabilities find gaming is not accessible for them. Despite the barriers, there are ways for people to take part in this activity that transcends pure entertainment. This talk will explore the benefits for body and mind, the socialization and inclusion opportunities, and explain how game mechanics and assistive tools can support people to achieve this goal.

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A bank of AT and AAC resources and short, online training videos are provided to NEAT members with a private link. These videos can help you learn and develop your AT skills in short, personalized increments. These are a great way to learn more about AT recommendations provided in an AT evaluation or simply catch up on new features of various AT tools.

Because NEAT offers an annual membership, some benefits are included.  To access these videos you will need to 1st, have a membership, and 2nd, register as a member.  After your online registration, you will receive a welcome email and a member password to this training video library.  These are shorter and more focused that our ongoing webinars. Let us know if you need access here. Follow the links below.

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*Note: If your CT school district is part of Cohort C, as identified by the State Dept. of Education, you have the opportunity for personalized, professional development through your NEAT Subscription, at no cost to you.  A list of districts in Cohort C, as well as other benefits.