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The NEAT team helps people learn more about the benefits of assistive technology (AT). Our excitement soars at the opportunity to demonstrate the powerful impact AT can have on the lives of individuals with different and unique abilities.

Our AT presentations, demonstrations and webinars are innovative and educational in nature.  We strive to provide material in an accessible and relatable manner.


Using AT To Work With PDF Documents And Worksheets Part 2: Working With PDFs On An iPad

Date: December 15, 2021 | 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

Presented By: Jamie Martin; AT Specialist

Cost: FREE to NEAT Members; $25 for general public

Description: During the 2020-2021 school year, PDF files were in the spotlight. Remote and hybrid learning models necessitated more work to be completed digitally, and teachers often provided learning materials to their students in PDF format. That practice will likely continue, even as students return to classrooms and schools start to feel “normal” again. This three-part webinar series focuses on specific assistive technology tools that can help students with (and without) disabilities read and annotate PDF documents and worksheets with greater efficiency and independence.

There are multiple iPad tools that allow students to use familiar AT features like text-to-speech, dictation, and word prediction while working with PDF documents. This webinar will highlight practical uses for apps like ClaroPDF Pro, Snap&Read Universal, and Notability.

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Using PowerPoint To Create Accessible Flyers

Date: February 22, 2022 | 11:00am-12:00pm EST

Presented By: Adam Kosakowski; AT Specialist

Cost: FREE to NEAT Members; $25 for general public

Description: Some would argue that you cannot create beautiful flyers that are also accessible, well let’s prove them wrong! Using PowerPoint and a little accessibility know how, you can create flyers that everyone can enjoy, even those using screen readers! When registering, please review digital accessibility basics, like headings, alternative text, and color contrast because knowledge of those accessibility features are prerequisites for this webinar. Get ready to learn a creative way to use your accessibility knowledge to create marketable materials!

Prerequisites: Knowledge about headings, alternative text, and color contrast. You might have even learned about these from a previous NEAT webinar!

Webinar level: Intermediate

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The AAC Funding Process: From Initial Assessment To Insurance Approval

Date: March 9, 2022 | 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

Presented By: Margaret Hislop; AAC Specialist

Cost: FREE to NEAT Members; $25 for general public

Description: The insurance funding process for obtaining an AAC device can feel daunting and convoluted. This webinar will review the process from completing an initial AAC evaluation to the final submission to insurance. We will touch upon what needs to be included in the report, trial requirements, and doctor prescriptions. You will be provided with resources and links to the funding information for various AAC companies that will help guide you through the process

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NEAT’s “2 Minute Tuesdays” is a YouTube web series, hosted by AT Specialist Ramón Hernández, where he entertains and instructs the general public of new and current Assistive Technology devices and strategies within a 2-minute span, give or take.

Ramón creates videos based on AT within Apple’s upcoming iOS 15, Accessibility in Disney Parks, and 3 Categories of AT: Low-Tech, Mid-Tech, and High-Tech.

Keep up with NEAT’s 2 Minute Tuesdays by following @NEATWithRamon on Twitter and/or checking out his YouTube playlist here to learn about the world of Assistive Technology.

A bank of AT and AAC resources and short, online training videos are provided to NEAT members with a private link. These videos can help you learn and develop your AT skills in short, personalized increments. These are a great way to learn more about AT recommendations provided in an AT evaluation or simply catch up on new features of various AT tools.

Because NEAT offers an annual membership, some benefits are included.  To access these videos you will need to 1st, have a membership, and 2nd, register as a member.  After your online registration, you will receive a welcome email and a member password to this training video library.  These are shorter and more focused that our ongoing webinars. Let us know if you need access here. Follow the links below.

Let us create a personalized presentation or webinar for you.

  • We can provide a general overview of AT or meet the specific needs of your group.
  • AT experts can provide information and resources on many topics including learning disabilities, cognitive and physical disabilities, visual and communication impairments, digital and gaming accessibility, smart home, etc.
  • Great for college students, parent support groups, school districts, human service professionals, etc.
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*Note: If your CT school district is part of Cohort C, as identified by the State Dept. of Education, you have the opportunity for personalized, professional development through your NEAT Subscription, at no cost to you.  A list of districts in Cohort C, as well as other benefits.