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The NEAT team helps people learn more about the benefits of assistive technology (AT). Our excitement soars at the opportunity to demonstrate the powerful impact AT can have on the lives of individuals with different and unique abilities.

Our AT presentations, demonstrations and webinars are innovative and educational in nature.  We strive to provide material in an accessible and relatable manner.


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Prerecorded Webinar: Flipgrid and Padlet: The Dynamic Duo

Presented by Kathy Schrock, Educational Technologist & Hosted by The NEAT Center

Available, at NO COST, to NEAT Members – email for the link and password

Check out this engaging prerecorded, webinar by the one and only Kathy Schrock.  Her work in Educational Technology is unmatched by most and she’s incredibly insightful about the impact of technology in the classroom.  Here she will discuss and demonstrate two popular educational tools: Padlet and Flipgrid. They can also be used in ways the creators never intended! Come learn how Padlet and Flipgrid can support teaching and learning across the curriculum, promote collaboration and communication, and be used as both formative and summative assessments. You will come away from this session with tons of creative and unique ideas for the use of these two popular and powerful tools!  You will also find a helpful homework guide ( for yourself to support your learning process and a Padlet for you demonstrate to your peers what you’ve created (



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A bank of AT and AAC resources and short, online training videos are provided to NEAT members with a private link. These videos can help you learn and develop your AT skills in short, personalized increments. These are a great way to learn more about AT recommendations provided in an AT evaluation or simply catch up on new features of various AT tools.

Because NEAT offers an annual membership, some benefits are included.  To access these videos you will need to 1st, have a membership, and 2nd, register as a member.  After your online registration, you will receive a welcome email and a member password to this training video library.  These are shorter and more focused that our ongoing webinars. Let us know if you need access here. Follow the links below.

Let us create a personalized presentation or webinar for you.

  • We can provide a general overview of AT or meet the specific needs of your group.
  • AT experts can provide information and resources on many topics including learning disabilities, cognitive and physical disabilities, visual and communication impairments, digital and gaming accessibility, smart home, etc.
  • Great for college students, parent support groups, school districts, human service professionals, etc.
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*Note: If your CT school district is part of Cohort C, as identified by the State Dept. of Education, you have the opportunity for personalized, professional development through your NEAT Subscription, at no cost to you.  A list of districts in Cohort C, as well as other benefits.