Bridging the Digital Divide

NEAT is partnering with the state of Connecticut to close the “digital divide” that currently exists for many people as they face challenges with accessing and utilizing technology to participate in their communities and maintain social connections.

NEAT’s Bridging the Digital Divide (BDD) program covers Litchfield, Hartford, Tolland, and Windham counties, and provides tech support, accessibility training, AT information, and technological solutions to reduce social isolation for adults with disabilities over age 18, and anyone over 60.

For eligible seniors over 60, the BDD program can also provide a free tablet and a free WiFi hotspot with one year of prepaid internet access.

In addition, the BDD program provides technology and accessibility training to any entity, such as senior centers, that serves the same target populations so that they may better serve their clients.

With sponsorship from the Department of Aging & Disability Services State Unit on Aging & the CT Tech Act Project, NEAT is excited to offer these BDD services at NO COST to participants.  We offer services for individuals and services for business entities.

To learn more, please visit the CT Tech Act Project.

If you are interested in these trainings or supports for yourself, your business, or a client, contact Will Seaman, NEAT’s Digital Divide Coordinator.

Email to discuss the best way to meet!