Member Benefits Overview

The CT Birth to Three System owns an extensive inventory of equipment for use by providers. This inventory is stored, cleaned, repaired, and managed by The NEAT Center at Oak Hill. Adaptive equipment may include walkers, sitters, standers, adaptive strollers/wheelchairs, etc. This equipment is owned by the CT Birth to Three system and is available for use by a child until they are no longer using/needing it. There are designated racks in the basement of the NEAT building where you can browse the available equipment. NEAT has hours opened to the public and you are welcome to view the equipment at that time. Appointments are encouraged to assure timely assistance with questions and loans.

The CT Birth to Three System owns an inventory of iPads that can be used to facilitate communication for children in the Birth to Three agencies. This inventory is managed by The NEAT Center at Oak Hill but can be used after the assessment of a Birth to Three provider. These devices are available for use by a child until they are no longer using/needing it.

The NEAT Lending Library provides short-term loans of assistive technology devices. Devices include (but are not limited to) communication devices including GoTalks and iPads, capability switches, adapted toys, apps and software to support developmental skills and so much more!

  • Exclusive Birth to Three seats at NEAT seminars that are designed for professionals working with children ages 0 - 3.
  • NEAT’s Member ATventure provides 9+ hours of professional development delivered annually on the hottest trends and latest tools in early education, education, AAC, AT, technology and smart home solutions. These 1-hour sessions are conducted through webinar and networking events.  Please note: Topics vary and may not be exclusively aimed at Birth to Three, e.g. sessions may cover technology applicable to K-12 and adult services.
  • As a NEAT member, you are eligible for discounts on services including but not limited to AT evaluations and training. Please visit our website for our menu of services, prices, and member discount rate information.
  • A complete list of member benefits and discounts are outlined on our membership page.


Your member benefits are generously sponsored by The CT Birth to Three System and the Connecticut Office of Early Childhood.

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