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Welcome to the NEAT Podcast! Follow us on twitter, @TheNEATPodcast!

This monthly podcast features Steve Famiglietti as the host, and Kris Thompson and Adam Kosakowski as producers. It also features music composed by Andrew Pergiovanni. Join us to learn more about NEAT and our favorite technologies as we unpack the world of assistive technology!

On this page you can find information on how to listen to our podcast as well as accessible transcripts for each and every episode so everybody can enjoy!


March 2019: Episode One podcast, Episode One transcript

April 2019: Episode Two podcast, Episode Two transcript

May 2019: Episode Three podcast, Episode Three transcript

August 2019: Episode Four podcast, Episode Four Transcript

March 2020: Episode Five podcast, Episode Five Transcript

March 2020: Episode Six podcastEpisode Six Transcript

April 2020: Episode Seven podcast, Episode 7 Transcript

July 2020: Episode Eight podcast, Episode 8 Transcript