Trials of Mana title with all six main characters jumping out towards the player
I absolutely love the Mana series and this remake’s pure existence is a dream come true. Even better, when I played the demo it had more accessibility features than I had anticipated, which prompted me to write this accessibility review.

While reading this review, please keep in mind that it is written for the Nintendo Switch version of the game, and the demo of the game at that. Much of what is said should apply to all versions of the game. The game will likely not be changed from the demo version to the final version, so this review should continue to be very accurate upon the game’s full release, especially for the Switch version.

Also, since the free demo is available on Steam, PlayStation 4, and the Nintendo Switch, after reading this review you should try it out! This game is more accessible than I thought it would be, and this review details some workarounds for things that would otherwise be barriers to some gamers.

This review will break down features into accessibility categories. While reading, keep an eye out for the sections covering topics of interest to you and your gamer needs!

ESRB Rating for Trials of Mana: Teen for Fantasy Violence and Suggestive Themes

Overall Accessibility Rating: C

The accessibility of Trials of Mana is good in some places and lacking in others, so it is difficult to give it an overall score. But, it is more accessible that I thought it would be. I am going to give it a tentative grade of a C.

To decide for yourself and your needs, please read the sections pertaining to you!